...a circle has no beginning and it has no end...

After a hiatus of nearly ten years having moved to the area Gorleston based musician Chris Smalley was persuaded to help out at a fund raising concert for the James Paget Intensive Care appeal. This was around 1999 and a friendship with local bassist Kev Anniss was forged during rehearsals and the performance.

Having sung and played drums in bands during the early 1970's, and then other bands as a singer in the 80's in his home town of Peterborough, Chris had the idea of going 'full circle' and form a three piece classic rock line up to cover the standards of the time from Jimi Hendrix to Deep Purple. Inspired by a new album from new 'supergroup' Transatlantic the idea of the band was literally scribbled on the back of a cigarette packet and passed on to Kev who one night tapped on Chris's door to follow up on the idea.

Left to Right - Ivor, Kevin, Chris and Gary after their debut gig at The Burrage Centre, JPH Gorleston

...early gigs and set backs...

The two of them didn't waste much time in recruiting local guitarist Gary Smith and were also assisted in the new project by another of Kev's work friends Ivor Lobel also on guitar. 

This was to be the line up for the first gig on March 3rd 2001. Once again a fund raiser at The Burrage Centre within the Hospital.

Sadly and after a successful debut gig Gary decided for personal reasons he couldn't continue and with local pub gigs booked on the strength of the first one the hunt for a new guitarist began.

...one door closes another one opens...

Following a piece in the local paper the guys received a call from Mike Barber. From Lowestoft, Mike soon proved himself to be a worthy replacement for Gary with his fluent and elegant playing style and duly became a member of Full Circle on 28th April that same year. The band were on their way.

After building a loyal and enthusiastic following Ivor departed and for a short while the band played as a three piece. In December of 2001 Ivor was eventually replaced by another Lowestoft man Chris Leggett on guitar who stayed with the band for well over year.

....the band with the front man at the back...

Eventually the three piece Chris had yearned for finally came to fruition and the trio proved themselves on the local circuit as a very tight and efficient rock unit...'The band with the front man at the back'

After many gigs the band finally called it a day at the Royal British Legion Club in Southwold in December 2003. Chris, Kev and Mike went on to form and play in new local bands including Reload, Live 'n Loud, Stealer and Project X in the ensuing years.

Having always had a special bond between them the idea of annual re-union gigs was always on the cards and over the last five years have included Charity Music Days and gig nights at the popular Gorleston music venue The Dock Tavern which are always well supported and enjoyed by everyone.

...fresh faces and a new chapter...

2018 saw Chris finally leave the drums for good. A health issue meant it was impossible for him to sing and play drums at the same time.

Chris decided this would be an excellent opportunity to invite drummer Neil Holmes from his band Project X into the mix. Neil agreed having had an ambition to play alongside Mike for some time. Within a day or so their came an opportunity to also recruit the services of local virtuoso Sam High on keyboards meaning that Full Circle 2018 will certainly be creating a very special vibe for you.